- Vinyl does not like heat so avoid putting in the dishwasher or microwave.
-there is the very rare surface that vinyl does not adhere to, buying the labels for a particular surface is at your own digression.
-labels should be applied within 1-2 weeks of recieveing.
-be aware of the conditions you are working in while applying the vinyl as it does work well in really hot or cold conditions .
-only hand wash any items that have vinyl labels. do
-essential label co does not except any responsibilities for any damage or mishaps during application process
How to apply your vinyl
Things you will need:
-Alcohol Swab
1.Clean the surface using the alcohol swab provided (avoid using swabs on any acrylic surfaces) allowing to completely dry before application.
2.Measure out the area to find the centre and mark out using the pencil a few small guide lines. vinyl design side down, using the card swipe over the top of the backing.
4.carefully peel the paper backing off keeping it low and flat making sure the vinyl design stays on the clear transfer.
5.carefully place down the centre of the design in the centre of the area you have marked out using your fingers to push out from the centre to edges .
6.use the card to rub the over the top of the clear transfer tape and make sure to remove all bubbles.
7.peel the clear transfer tape off from one side across to the other side carefully making sure the design stays on the surface of choice.